Design Solutions

Our complete design solution:

  • A confidential design service - We work with your engineering team to select the right motor from our existing range or using our advanced modelling techniques customise a motor for your needs.
  • Motor control technology - With our 30 years experience designing and manufacturing motor controllers, we are the ideal people to provide motor control solutions.
  • Application expertise - We provide advice on how to effectively integrate the motor into the washer to make the most of the benefits of the motor and minimise costs.
  • Our flexible motor manufacturing facilities are designed and manufactured by our own production machinery plant in New Zealand and can be placed anywhere in the world.

Advantages of a Direct Drive motor?

Direct Drive motors are directly coupled to the drive shaft. These motors transmit the power to the application directly without the use of mechanical parts like gears, belts and pulleys. Removing these notoriously unreliable, noisy mechanical parts remains a key driver for this technology.

While the low noise, low vibration advantages of Direct Drive (DD) motors are well known, many of the other performance advantages are not. Integrating the right DD motor with smart electronics facilitates precise sensing technology used to solve common wash problems. Issues such as out of balance, over-sudsing, optimising the balance between soil removal and gentleness, water use and rinse performance can all be more precisely sensed and controlled in the Direct Drive format. Direct Drive provides the speed control required to meet today's stringent water, energy and noise standards without compromising on wash performance.